Advanced Technology Drone Demonstrations

The following flight test video segments are illustrated:

0 to 0:25, Autonomous Air-to-Air 1:1 combat pursuit fixed-wing drone

0:26 to 2:00, Autonomous single rotor helicopter drone(GW=200lb) target recognition conducted at Fort Benning (sweep, acquire, ID)

2:01 to 2:17 Autonomous vertical ducted fan drone navigating through building and transmitting real-time sensor simulation

2:18 to 2:29 Autonomous quad rotor drone navigating window and transmitting real-time sensor simulation

2:30 to 4:04 Autonomous Amphibious Air Quad Drone conducting ground to water operations conducted at Georgia Tech Aquatic Center

4:05 to 4:19 Autonomous fixed-wing drone demonstrating adaptive flight controls with wing 50% exploded off

4:20 to 4:27 Autonomous Single Rotor Helicopter conducting obstacle avoidance through rocky terrain

4:28 to 5:19 Various autonomous snips including air drop drones, simulated terrain navigation using pylons, sling drop net