Textile & Sensor Fusion. Always Aware.

Our textile and technology fusion includes systems for monitoring and measuring human physiological conditions including force sensors electronics for real-time transmission to our cloud; where software algorithms calculate the aggregated sensor data; determines the impact to human performance; and recommends corrective action. Our wireless sensors can be integrated with any equipment or embedded in wearable textiles. Sensed conditions can include sports trauma, health monitoring, and wounds. 
Examples: Textile and Sensor Fusion products

Human Impact Detection

Airborne Flight Reporting System

Intelligent sensors are part of our commitment to protecting the well-being people, whether experiencing medical complications or individuals working in hazardous or dangerous professions. Incorporating microelectronics and neuropsychological testing, we are the only organization that measures both physical impact to the body and cognitive mental processes.

Force Protection

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Our FlakTek™ Laminated Composite Textiles offer superior Impact Protection which minimizes stress to the body which could lead to serious injuries including Traumatic Brain Injury. Our patent pending design provides force distribution that is unparalleled compared to similar products. Anti-microbial materials help reduce harboring germs and unpleasant orders.

Textiles & Sensor Fusion

Elite VIS for Commercial Mobile and Fixed Assets

The SOCOM Team Trakker (STT) is a low profile, man portable personnel locator and health monitor. Its purpose is not only to provide situational awareness to the chain of command, but utility to the individual user. Through the use of laminted composite materials, advanced displays, innovative electronics, and self-acquiring network technologies, the STT provides capability previously only seen in the world make believe.