Examples: Advanced Remote Telemetry Units (RTUs) that Track, Monitor, Control, & Report to keep you: Always there. Always aware.

Airborne FRS

Airborne Flight Reporting System

Provides security and operational status of your air vehicle whether on the ground or in the air anywhere in the world. Offers real-time reporting of air crew performance and the aircraft's flight path, geographic location, speed, altitude, heading, and other mission-critical facets of flight and pre-flight. Optional sensors report icing conditions, turbulence, aggressive handling, and more.

Autumn Alert

Autumn Alert: Group Messaging

Autumn Alert™ offers the fastest and easiest method to notify groups of people for emergencies, work, and personal reasons. You can send voice messages, emails, text messages or post to your favorite social media site within seconds. Using your cell phone, any internet-capable mobile device, or your computer as your personal “Command & Control” console, you are in control of who, how, when and where people receive messages from you.

Elite VIS

Elite VIS for Commercial Mobile and Fixed Assets

Elite Vehicle Intelligence System™ provides commercial-grade subscription-based mobile tracking and communications for powered or unpowered assets such as tractor-trailers, intermodal containers, rail cars, heavy equipment, power generators, off-shore vessels, and other assets. Elite VIS™ solutions are used by commercial, multi-modal transportation, military and public safety customers, including sensitive transport of Arms, Ammunition and Explosives cargos as defined by US Army Reg 190-11.

Orion VIS

Orion VIS Tracks, Monitors, Controls, and Reports on Consumer Mobile & Fixed Assets

Orion Guardian™ assures 24/7 anti-theft protection, emergency alert, passenger security and maintenance monitoring for protecting vehicles and passengers. State-of-the-art satellite tracking provides instant access to the precise location of your vehicle for rapid recovery. Advanced anti-theft technology triggers immediate alerts for any unauthorized starts or towing, while the optional ignition-lock feature prevents unauthorized starting. Control all features by our mobile app.