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For 25 years the name Praxis Technologies has firmly established itself as one of the most trusted names for conceiving, designing, developing and producing innovative solutions and products that make the Internet of Things (IoT) affordable and ready to use today. You'll find us in transportation, health care, US Military and Homeland Security, sustainable energy, telecommunications, and other competitive and complex industries. We have also taken our skills to helping business apply technologies that can improve competitive advantages, brand recognition, and corporate communications.
Examples: Some services that are helping businesses succeed!


Web Horizon Solutions offers contemporary visuals, websites, and Content Management Systems.

Your business is your business. Our business is to conceptualize how to put your business out front. We provide thought leadership that yields out-of-the-box vision for what you offer. Competitive differentiation starts with conceptual ideas which represent the foundation of your market strategy.

Digital Marketing

Our SquawkinIt technology provides innovative Digital Marketing advantages.

We help your business leverage the internet and mobile devices to neutralize the playing field by removing advantages due to size, location, and financial strength. We do this with SquawkinIt™, a fair and competitive technology solution that resluts in positioning the success of businesses due to price, quality, convenience, and service – not simply due to marketing budget and existing brand awareness.


We offer targeted specialized training customized for your requirements.

A family of products and services providing integrated sensory detection and human monitoring of physical events, communicating that information via voice, data and video, and providing remote control authority serving the following industries: computer and software products and services; electrical and scientific; medical instruments; environmental control and security; transportation vehicles for land, air and water; communications using wireless and wireline systems.